The BOSS Audio R1100M Riot 1100 Watt


Nowadays, owning a vehicle is more of a necessity than a luxury for all people across the globe. Many usually love buying cars with exotic as well as unique cars for their collections and these cars often have great stereo systems in them. This is attributed from their love for quality sound music. An excellent car amplifier and audio system are what you need to acquire, and the Boss audio is one of them and you can always consult Amplifier expert for any information needed.

A first-time buyer or not, the Boss 1100M amplifier is simply a great device that is easy to learn and is compatible with most cars. It has 1100 watts of max power to enable you to amplify the power behind your tunes. It also comes with a remote control. Thus you can tweak the bass to your liking or add it as you wish. Most people like it as you can get quality sound amplification. However, if you want to buy this amp for use with your television, you shouldn’t as it cannot work and it would also void the warranty.

Nevertheless, depending on how you had initially installed your sound system, the sound quality may vary. You should ensure that you also get a good quality audio system from the tweeters to the mid and full range speakers. You should ensure that the sound system is compatible with the amplifier for a good output all the same.

This is a perfect device for those who are on a budget but still feel a strong urge to get a quality sound system for their cars. It is convenient and can help you amplify sound without having to break the bank. It provides an automatic shut-off in case it becomes too hot and has features that avail a variable bass boost.

The amplifier has different advantages as it features a variable bass boost enabling one, as earlier mentioned to alter it to personal preference. It also has a low pass crossover and can be connected to wall outlet. Moreover, it has an automatic shut-off for the protection of the amp just in case it gets too hot. The remote is also a great bonus for easier operation. Nevertheless, just as any other device out there, it also has, it's few disadvantages. It requires a mount to prevent it from easily breaking and for the single subs; it is best on low but not full. It is also not meant for use with your television.

The product assures you quality service and for a long time as it opens with a warranty of 6 years although you ought to be careful as it is not everything that is covered by the warrant and more so if you triggered its malfunction.

In conclusion, this amplifier is a great one and capable of delivering great results, and it might just be the right one for you. However, you need to be wise to be sure that it will work well with your car system and Amplifier experts have all you need to know hence consulting them would be great.